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We are regularly in the cycling news, and if our trails don’t speak for themselves, the glowing reviews certainly do.

Find links to a range of reports about our resort, riding and events below.

It’s an honor to be featured in the ‘Decade’ photobook by MisspentSummer, which chronicles the key milestones of these 10 years of global Enduro, beginning right here in Punta Ala in 2013 with that epic prologue in Castiglione della Pescaia. All eyes from the mtb scene were on Punta Ala, a place that sparked immense… Read More

A big thank you to the 300 enthusiastic participants who made this edition of Unpaved Roads Punta Ala 2024 special, with lots of smiles and great company. Starting today, at Punta Ala Trail Center, it is possible to relive the route through our guided tour. On April 28, the much-anticipated Unpaved Roads Punta Ala finally… Read More

“What is Gravel? There is no single answer to this question; there is no one definition. Gravel is represented by different people, faces, styles, bikes, and terrains. And for this reason, gravel, which is diversity, inevitably leads to unity. Thanks to its simplicity and freedom, it brings new people to cycling, because it speaks a… Read More

There are many events that we will organize for the next round of competitions and sporting events during the 2023 season. Here is just a taste! UNPAVED ROADS – Punta Ala From 22 to 23 April 2023 Unpaved Roads Punta Ala is a non-competitive bike event to discover the beauties of the Punta Ala area.… Read More