We have a wide range of riding options, from easy family gravel rides to action packed shuttle days, and everything in between.


Distance: 15 km, 300mt elevation gain
Difficulty level: easy
Time: 3 hours

We created this tour for families with children and beginners with MTB, but who want a taste of what mountain biking allows you to do.
We will walk along dirt roads and parts of the trails to discover the splendid Cala Violina or the luxurious Punta Ala.


Distance: 35 km, 900mt elevation gain
Difficulty level: medium-high
Time: 4.5 hours

This is mountain biking, as we understand it at the Punta Ala Trail Center! Pure fun with quality trails and 99% off-road driving! With this tour we are sure we will satisfy even the most demanding bikers


Distance: 35-40 km, 1000mt elevation gain
Difficulty level: high
Time: 4 hours

Here we play at home, and we’re also pretty good at it. This tour is for those who want to discover the true essence of pure Enduro trails that have made us famous in recent years.



Distance: 23 km, 1000  elevation gain
Difficulty level: high
Time: 2  hours

Discovering the Elba Gravity Park in the stretch overlooking the Gulf of Follonica, along asphalt (also mechanized) and rough but panoramic trails, flow and sometimes breaking into rock gardens, such as the “Buca del Bandito”, “Strega”, “Dragut” and “Miniere” . A full day program if you are based at the PuntAla Camp & Resort which includes transfers to / from the Island by ferry and the ascent to altitude.

The Isle of Elba is visible across the bay from Punta Ala Trail Center; it is alluring in its mystique, especially in the evenings when it is silhouetted against colourful skies.
Visiting riders often ask if it is possible to ride mountain bikes on Elba. The answer is absolutely yes! We can organise day-trips taking a ferry over to Elba, where you will be greeted by Elba Gravity Bike, a local guiding firm.
Please get in touch via our Guiding request page if you’d like to organise a trip. Or, if you are already staying with us, just drop into the Bike Center shop or front reception and we’ll be able to help book your trip.
We recently took our Bike team over for a fun day on the trails. Check out the video above to find out how stunning the rides on Elba are.


Distance: 30 km, 500mt elevation gain
Difficulty level: medio-facile
Time: 4 hours

We take you to discover Punta Ala where, between a ride and another, you will be able to fully enjoy the magnificent panorama that you will discover once you get to the platelets. Our added value? An MTB with assisted pedaling (which you can also rent from us )that will also allow those who are not trained to face this tour.


Distance: 25 km, 700mt elevation gain
Difficulty level: medio
Time: 5 hours

Discovering some of the trails that characterize the flow style of the Massa Marittima area. With us you can’t go wrong, you’ll go through the right ones!


Distance: 25 km, 700 mt elevation gain + 1000 mt vertical drop
Difficulty level: medio
Time: 8 hours

We have created the perfect combination! Ride on flow trails in the morning and Shuttle on more technical trails in the afternoon! What more could you ask for?


Distance: 35 km, 500 mt elevation gain
Difficulty level: medio-facile
Time: 4 hours

A simple excursion for those who want to combine a nice bike ride with the tasting of excellent local wines! The tasting is intriguing but you don’t want to do too much effort? No problem, rent one of our e-bikes, and you’re done!


Distance: 40-50 km, 1000 mt elevation gain
Difficulty level: medio-alto
Time: 4 hours

What you will see on this tour are the km increase in your GPS, dirt roads and singletracks, discovering hermitages hidden in the bush of which few know the existence.


Distance: 30 km, 1000 mt elevation gain
Difficulty level: medio-alto
Time: 7 hours

In the bush on the promontory between the Gulf of Baratti and Piombino, you will travel with us steep climbs and sudden descents that plunge into the blue. A technical journey but with fascinating landscapes, where you will discover why the Etruscans had decided to build Populonia, their only seaside city here!