A variety of services are available at the shop, including bike rentals, shuttles, and guided tours for all tastes and levels.

The summer season has begun at the Punta Ala Trail Center, the go-to spot for outdoor adventure enthusiasts in the stunning Tuscan Maremma.

Located within the PuntAla Camp & Resort, the shop has a strategic position between Scarlino and Castiglione della Pescaia, providing easy and direct access to various trail areas in the region. From the trails of Tirli and Gavorrano to the historic area of the Bandite di Scarlino, renowned for hosting prestigious international enduro events, there is something for everyone, regardless of taste or skill level.

The shop offers a wide range of services to explore the region by bike, including rentals, shuttle services, and guided tours, providing a comprehensive 360° experience of the territory. Visitors can discover the authentic flavors of Tuscany, from the sea to the hills, with strategic stops to admire the panorama or savor local specialties.

There are itineraries for all types of bikes, from mountain bikes (MTB) and e-bikes (e-MTB) to gravel bikes. These trails range from fun singletracks winding through dense Mediterranean scrub forests, offering breathtaking panoramic views of some of the region’s most beautiful beaches, like Cala Violina, to dirt roads passing through charming medieval villages rich in history, and riding among the gentle Tuscan hills. Areas of significant natural and cultural interest can also be explored, such as the Archaeological Park of the Metalliferous Hills or the protected marshland reserve of Diaccia Botrona.

There are both fixed appointments during the week and the possibility to create custom tours. Whether it’s for those seeking an adrenaline-pumping adventure or a relaxing day outdoors with the family, the shop has a solid team of local guides: Bibo, Giacomo, Francesco, and Raffaele. With their in-depth knowledge of the territory, they will be able to suggest the best solutions for every need.

The itineraries can include stops for wine tastings at renowned local wineries such as Morisfarms and Antinori at Le Mortelle. Additionally, these routes often feature breaks to enjoy artisanal gelato in the charming hilltop villages of the area, adding a touch of culture and tradition to the exploration of the region.

Weekly Guided Tours

Gravel-Mania: Explore the Unpaved and Grinduro Trails

Every Tuesday, unleash your Gravel-Mania, an exciting adventure that will take you along the most beautiful dirt roads of the Maremma. This tour is ideal for gravel enthusiasts looking to relive the atmosphere of iconic events like Unpaved and Grinduro. Starting from the Punta Ala Trail Center at 8:45, you can choose between two itineraries that marked the major gravel events of the 2023 season. These routes, selected for their extraordinary beauty and diversity, will allow you to explore the most picturesque corners of the Maremma. Whether you rent one of our gravel bikes or bring your own, this tour is an unmissable opportunity for gravel lovers.

Every participant will receive a complimentary water bottle. Additionally, for those who want to further enrich their experience, it’s possible to add wine tasting sessions or lunches upon request, offering a full immersion into the culinary delights and breathtaking landscapes of the region.

Panoramic Ebike Tour

On Wednesday mornings, get ready to embark on the Panoramic Tour with an ebike, a relaxing yet evocative experience along the wild Tuscan coast, reaching the crystal-clear waters of Cala Violina, where you can even take a refreshing dip in the sea. During this tour, there will be numerous opportunities to capture unique and memorable images. Whether it’s a selfie with the backdrop of white sand and blue sea or a panoramic photo that encompasses the entire beauty of the coastal landscape, every corner of the route offers the perfect setting to share your adventures with friends and family and let everyone know how extraordinary Tuscany is seen from an ebike!

The tour departs from the Punta Ala Trail Center at 8:45. You can join with your own bike or rent one of our ebikes, and each participant will receive a complimentary water bottle.

Technical Ebike Tour

If you’re looking for a more challenging ride for your ebike, the Technical Tour on Thursday is just for you. This itinerary is designed to test your riding skills on more complex terrains, fully utilizing the power of the ebikes. During the tour, you’ll tackle steep climbs and technical descents, requiring good control and precision. Ebikes make it easier to handle the demanding climbs and provide valuable support on the descents, allowing you to overcome obstacles and the steepest gradients with greater confidence.

This experience is perfect for those who want to improve their technical skills and enjoy the thrill of riding on variable terrains. The tour departs from the Punta Ala Trail Center at 8:45. You can participate with your own bike or rent one of our ebikes, and every participant will receive a complimentary water bottle.

Custom Tours: Build Your Adventure on the Region’s Most Iconic Trails

For the more experienced and adventurous riders, the Punta Ala Trail Center offers the possibility to create custom excursions that include some of the most famous and historic trails in the area. The Bandite di Scarlino region has been the setting for epic enduro races and is home to the iconic Trail 301. Recently renovated, this trail is perfect for those seeking a high-adrenaline experience, with smooth lines that maintain the style and difficulty that made this track famous.

For those looking for a more peaceful day, perfect for families, the Sentiero Le Api is highly recommended. This route leads to the famous Cala Violina beach, offering a pleasant ride accessible even to the youngest. The trail is ideal for an ebike excursion, with stops to admire the natural landscape and enjoy a break for a gelato or snack at the Marina di Scarlino. The Sentiero Le Api is perfect for combining the beauty of nature with moments of relaxation and family fun.

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