“What is Gravel? There is no single answer to this question; there is no one definition. Gravel is represented by different people, faces, styles, bikes, and terrains. And for this reason, gravel, which is diversity, inevitably leads to unity. Thanks to its simplicity and freedom, it brings new people to cycling, because it speaks a new, universal, and inclusive language.”

This diversity spoken of by Shimano is beautifully captured in this video that represents all the ways to understand Gravel, filmed on the trails of Punta Ala during last year’s press camp at PuntAla Camp & Resort, organized by Shimano and Wilier to present to the media the new Shimano GRX group and the Wilier Adlar.

Punta Ala has proven to be the perfect location for this project, offering breathtaking natural scenery and routes that are every gravel enthusiast’s dream.

This project highlights not only the beauty and variety of the Punta Ala territory but also the growing role of our location as a reference point in the world of gravel. We are proud to have hosted Shimano and Wilier Triestina, and to have contributed to this video, produced by Mirror Media.