We’re restarting in 2024 with many new features in gravity and gravel disciplines, starting with the trails: the most famous and fun trails in the Bandite di Scarlino and Tirli areas have been completely refurbished, and new route proposals have been developed for lovers of gravel roads.

The summer bike season at Punta Ala Trail Center starts on April 24th, with the opening of PuntAla Camp & Resort, followed by the second edition of Unpaved Roads, on April 28-29.

The staff is working hard to take care of every detail and meet the needs of bikers of all disciplines, and now that the sunny days are approaching, Punta Ala is the perfect destination for those wishing to plan a vacation in Tuscany, exploring the surrounding territory by bike, between the coast and the Maremma hills, and then ending their adventures with a nice dive into the sea.

MTB and eMTB enthusiasts will find a completely renewed trail network, thanks to the extensive maintenance work of the past weeks, which has brought to light the beauty of the most iconic gravity trails in the area, especially in the Bandite di Scarlino and Tirli zones. This initiative, carried forward thanks to the collaboration of local associations such as Bagnoli Bike, Maremma Experience, Sentieri Castiglionesi, and Maremma Free Ride, has restored the glory of trails that have been the stage for epic events, like the Enduro World Series of 2013, and are now once again ready to test the riding skills of bikers at every level.

The renovated areas include the following trails:

– Bandite di Scarlino Zone: Trails 301, Carbonai, Tre Dita, Gagliardo, Traverso, Monte di Muro, Eretico, and Rock Oh.

– Tirli Zone: Trails Fast&Furious, Quercia Numerata, Brigidino, and Vallette New.

For those who prefer gravel biking, the area offers spectacular routes on gravel roads that wind for kilometers through the Tuscan countryside, along the coast and inland. Thanks to the experience gained from hosting significant events like Unpaved Roads, Grinduro, and Fiorino Mud, Punta Ala Trail Center is able to offer tours that surprise for the variety of terrains and landscapes. One can retrace the routes of these events, with or without a guide, or organize a tour exploring Cala Violina or the Diaccia Botrona Nature Reserve, natural jewels of the territory.

The commitment to the care and maintenance of the trails and the development of specific routes by local operators reflects the determination to ensure safety and accessibility for all mountain bike and gravel enthusiasts, offering a wide variety of cycling experiences and restoring the full usability of the trails.

Punta Ala Trail Center does not just offer renovated trails but confirms itself as an ideal destination for bicycle tourists, with dedicated services that enrich the experience for all two-wheel enthusiasts. Starting from April 24th, guests at PuntAla Camp & Resort will find not only comfortable accommodations but also shuttles, guided tours, and a range of services specifically designed for bikers.
Here all the info: https://www.campingpuntala.it/