Helmet compulsory for rental, tours and bike lifts!

For us, when riding on the road or in the woods, a helmet is always mandatory. But sure it’s of the right size!

For this reason, at our Trail Center, we have helmets of different sizes and types, both for rental and for sale.
Without the helmet, you will not be able to rent MTB e-bikes and children’s bikes, jump in a bike shuttle or take pert to a guided tour. If you do not have such an important safety device, we can help you in choosing a new and high-quality helmet at a very low and nice price:

only 29.90 euros * (75.00 euros) for a customized SMITH Convoy PATC helmet that has the MIPS coating system and guarantees all the necessary ventilation on the track on the hottest days.

Bottle, helmet and buff customed for PATC
*Free with our water bottle if your e-bike, gravel or full MTB bike rental run for 5 days or more.

If you prefer, you can rent one, of the same brand or perhaps with different characteristics, sanitized after each previous use. The important thing is to wear it before getting on the saddle.