Bibo, trailcare man

Thinking positive for the upcoming bike season, though a long-lasting uncertain time, we are preparing our trails, organizing our bike destination in Maremma for your safety and fun


We will be back soon on our trails, for the annual maintenance trail building, focussing our attention to prepare everything on time for your MTB riding sessions, either all-mountain, enduro, xc and gravel. The world’s most famous trails, such as Rock’oh (no. 30), Carbonai (nr. 31C), 301 (nr, 31), Gattolina (no. 21), Gagliardo (no. 43), Tredita (no. 44), Quercia Numerata (no. 51) – check the routs on Trailforks – are going to be maintained and are in our trail building agenda. From Summits to the Sea, respecting the rules and caring about nature, we are working for your and our safety.

The news: since union is strength, and makes bikers happy, from now on, the trail building activity will be supported by a new team of local entrepreneurs, who decided to get together. Within this team our sport association is one of the mostly active. The outdoor and bike tourism  finally persuaded the local administration and competent bodies of our territory, giving us good hope for further cooperation and crowdfunding.