Only two weeks to go before the eagerly awaited first Italian edition of Grinduro hosted by Wilier, the innovative gravel event with the perfect mix of competition and party – where each participant is free to enjoy the event as they see fit, turning the dial of fun at will – towards performance or towards just having a good time in relaxation.

From 8 to 10 September, the  PuntAla Camp & Resort will turn purple and host the start and finish areas, the lively Grinduro Village and all things festival. The route and the event programme have been specially designed to offer a variety of experiences and display the diverse beauty of Maremma – thanks to an itinerary that is a unique journey between hilly landscapes and glorious coastal views, dense woods and picturesque villages – not forgetting the gastronomic heritage, with tastings of typical local products and wines…and the inevitable ice cream to round it all off!
Only the best for those who can’t wait to get back in the saddle after the summer break and share with fellow riders all that the organization has set up for this edition of Grinduro Italia – an event which can count on the solid support of a number of event partners and the large attendance of athletes, ambassadors and journalists.

The Event Village will make for another of Grinduro’s strong points, with a number of bike- and non-bike-themed initiatives between the beach and the pits set up in the pine forest, fully supported by the event partners. Scroll through the complete programme and find out how much you can choose from during your stay – from Friday to Sunday, from registration and race pack collection, to the live music gig by The Grand Riserva Power Trio on Saturday, along with aperitifs and massages by the sea, and much more. All the details here: 

The Grinduro route (103km / 64mi, 1,500m elevation gain), is designed to maximise the fun factor and winds from the coast to the countryside, crossing three protected natural areas and unique environments such as Pian d’Alma or the heights of Monte Arsenti, the highest point along the route (490m above sea level). Download the GPX track and start figuring out the details of the route – with some of its gems too, such as the famous Boulevard of Cypresses before the main feed station in the beautiful Morisfarms estate, or the infamous Spaghetti Trail singletrack climb, the last effort before being able to grab the non-alcoholic Negroni drink offered by Bike Service Massa Marittima. Here the map:

The Special Stages – the only sections where the timing system by SportIdent will be ON – are four, all completely different.

Stage1 – La Zinghera Hill Climb

A 2.8 km climb with 160m elevation gain along dirt roads, in remote woods, to conquer the first hill on the day. Whether you go up at a good pace or at ease, is 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Stage2 – Marsiliana Down Hill

This long (3.7 km) descent has a vertical drop of 140m and it will make your heart pump fast. Fast-rolling dirt with gradients that are never too steep but still capable of getting the bike going – really quick. Something to be aware of, to keep the speed in check and enjoy the adrenaline rush.

Stage3 – Montioni Jungle Singletrack

Along the 3.8 km of this unique track (elevation gain / loss of 70m / 80m respectively) you’ll be exploring a true jungle of emotions. A roller coaster of sprints and quick gear shifts, an exciting flow single track surrounded by nature, in the forest.

Stage4 – Le Api Down Country

At 1.7 km of length with elevation gain/loss of 20m/30m, this fast and dusty leg near the sea will require your full attention, with its root strewn, sandy surface typical of the forests along the coast.

For those who want to save energies for the Saturday night party, keep in mind that a more social, non-competitive version of the race will take place too – the Grindurito (65km / 40mi, 750m elevation gain), which includes Stages 1 and 4, non-timed in this case, and which for the first time in Grinduro’s history, will be open to the e-bike category.

For those who after the Saturday night party still have the energy to spin those legs, the Hangover Ride is on schedule for Sunday morning, a laid-back guided tour along the coast, easy and definitely stress-free, with great views and a stop in Cala Violina – to swim in the crystal-clear waters of this beautiful bay.


Don’t miss the opportunity to pack in one more adventure before the end of the summer… and all that 2023 Grinduro Italia hosted by Wilier has to offer.

For further details and to register, with the additional option open to locals to join the event on Saturday only, please visit