This September, the gravel event born more than 10 years ago in California will finally land in Italy

Germany and the UK were the first countries to welcome this very special event to Europe, but – starting this year – you will have the chance to enjoy the good vibes of Grinduro also in Italy: just sign up for the Tuscan round at the PuntAla Camp & Resort, on 8-10 September! The only choice to make is whether to participate in the complete Grinduro ride (100km / 62 miles, 1,500m Alt+) with four timed special stages or in the Grindurito ride (65km / 40 miles, 1,000m Alt+) with two not timed special stages and, since a few days ago, also open to e-bikes.

How many times will you get to ride over the weekend?  No less than three times!

On Friday, to warm up the atmosphere and dial-in your ride, there is the prologue – optional – within the Resort area. It is a short and fun loop about 2km long amongst the campsite cabins and tents, in the shade of the pine forest. To support and help out with any mechanicals, Shimano, Schwalbe and Pro Bike Shop Firenze mechanics will be close at hand to provide assistance – both inside the Event Village and en-route, the following day.

Saturday is the big day. After a mass start from the Resort at about 9:00, you will soon dive into Maremma, riding towards the hinterland and the hills, before heading back to the coast – already with the idea in mind of coming back to Tuscany to ride it all again.

On Sunday, just to cool down, it will be Hangover Ride time. Just a gentle ride – totally optional – towards Marina di Scarlino, to enjoy the views and perhaps an ice cream or a beer by the sea – followed by a return throughout the coastal natural area.

Like any Enduro-style event, the details of the race course and the GPS track of the four special stages will be released just before the day. But there is a little preview we can share, just to give you an idea of what to expect from Grinduro Italia when you’ll be in the saddle.

The route offers an excellent balance between dirt and tarmac. Out of a total of 100km, no less than 56km are off-road, over hard-packet dirt and single track sections, never overly technical or with impossible gradients. The remaining distance is pretty much all on minor, low-traffic roads in the Maremma country side, a real pleasure for the body and the mind. 

Such a varied route, with so many different types of surfaces and environments, it’s incredible, certainly one of the most interesting courses ever done so far in a Grinduro event” the words of James Deane, Grinduro Global Manager, just after the route inspection.

Another really special factor that sets this route apart is given by the terrain, which – turn after turn – offers a great deal of variety: from loamy surfaces with excellent grip, to hard-packed and rocky, or loose, or even sandy ground.

The first special stage will be a climb on gravel road within a forest of Mediterranean shrubs and small trees – 2.8 km and 160 m of altitude gain.

The second special stage is downhill, again on a dirt road, very fast but not treacherous – 3.7km and 120m of descent.

The third special stage is on a flow single track, mainly in the woods – 3.9 km and 30m of climbing.

The fourth special stage is on mixed terrain, near the coast – 1.8km and 80m of descent.

The maximum elevation (490m above sea level) will be reached about 60km in, going up the slopes of Monte Arsenti, where the guys of Bike Service Massa Marittima will welcome the participants in their Hut for a refreshment. Immediately before that, one of the most insane sections of the whole ride: one kilometre on single track which is probably going to be the one with the highest number of corners you have ever ridden, a wonder of trail building to enjoy all in one go – and that will leave you speechless. From this point on, to the finish and the sea, it is almost all downhill!

Water stations and feed zones will be available at the end of each special stage, with a main food stop at the Morisfarms estate about halfway through the ride. Here, on a grand terrace overlooking the Maremma region, you’ll be offered the queen of all feed zones and plenty of locally-sourced produces. This is also the place where the Grinduro and Grindurito rides will split.

When not in the saddle, you will be spoiled for choice at the PuntAla Camp & Resort, thanks to an Event Village that extends from the beach – with the kiosk for aperitifs, live music and exclusive services such as barber, tattoo artist and massages by the sea – to the technical area, with all of our event sponsors attending – Wilier,  Shimano, Giro, Evoc, Schwalbe, Wahoo and PRO – in addition to their ambassadors, journalists and plenty of friends – including the riders of Ride Like a Girl and some athletes of Focus and Scott teams.

The Grinduro format – from the United States to Japan – is leaving its mark and the event coming to Italy is something not to miss for sure!

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