Massa Marittima Mountain Bike Shuttles

We are now offering a shuttle service for bikers on Massa Marittima mountain bike trails.

Just a stone’s throw from Punta Ala Trail Center’s base, Massa Marittima’s mountain bike trails are the perfect place for bike shuttles. We are now offering bike shuttling at Massa Marittima, with half-day services available departing from Punta Ala Trail Center HQ.

Ph: Swooping mountain bike trails in Massa Marittima, by Ben Winder.

About Massa Marittima trails

A popular riding area well known for its mountain bike trails and events (including Super Enduro Round One 2016) and as a choice of winter training ground for cross-country World Champion Nino Schurter, Massa Marittima’s dusty trails mostly snake their way through gorgeous woodlands and provide rollercoaster rides as they make the best of natural contours.

A day on these trails is an essential element to your stay at Punta Ala Trail Center!

How it works

As with all our shuttle services, we give priority pricing to those staying at Punta Ala Trail Center’s accommodation, with discounted day and half-day shuttle rates for our guests.

Standard half-day shuttle pricing for Massa Marittima bike shuttle, based on a group of four, is €32 per person (please enquire for standard rates).

We’ll meet you at Punta Ala Trail Center reception (situated at PuntAla Camp & Resort), load up one of our pickup trucks and make the short drive through our fabulous Tuscan countryside to Massa Marittima’s hilltop village and surrounding hills, delivering you back to base after a non-stop session of shuttling.

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