Starting from the centre of town at 10am, around 200 riders set off on a long day in the nearby hills. From slippery rock to tight switch-backs, and from high speed through the trees to grinding through mud, the day’s course threw a little of everything at the riders.

The racing started on ‘Freeride’, a track full of technical features and greasy mud that proved a problem for some riders! After a pedal back to the top of the hill, Stage 2 was deep in the trees but a little easier than the early-morning grime. Stage 3, Termine 24, was long, physical and comprised of rock section, jumps, dusty turns and muddy pits! It was tough. Following a final uphill towards Castiglione’s ancient castle, the fourth and final special stage tore through the alleyways and across the cobbles of the town’s streets to finish things off right where they started.


With the sun out and temperatures high, riders had to manage their supplies as most were out in the hills for around six hours. As with every event from this series though, the aim of the day wasn’t to punish riders, and for most it was a friendly day out, a course length that ensured fun rather than pain! The atmosphere was relaxed and jovial, with spectators making a lot of noise in support of the riders and a large gathering with plenty of cheers and celebrations for the podium ceremony.

Reflecting on the day’s racing while winding down with a cold drink in the bustling little streets after the event, there wasn’t a single rider who couldn’t say they had a great time on the superb network of trails so easily accessible from this seaside town.
Congratulations to all who took part, especially the race and series winners, and a huge thank you to the organisation. We look forward to next year’s event!